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Thread: How to store the result of a formula in new cell

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    How to store the result of a formula in new cell

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    I have values 200 values in Column A
    I have values 200 values in Column B

    Column C has the concatenation formula:


    I want only the result of the Column C in Column D not the forrmula for my further programs.

    pls help

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    Super Moderator Bob Phillips's Avatar
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    Select Column C

    Copy - Ctrl-C

    Home>Paste>Paste Values

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    I dont want to do this manually. I want something to be dynamic that column C and Column D should be changed as the values in the column A and B changes.
    I want only the formula result in the column D. pls help.

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    Can you give some idea on how you're using this? You can use the results of the formula in any calculation and any export to text will send just the values. It's unclear why you would need this functionality. It's certainly possible with VBA code.


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    If you don't want to do it manually, I think you'll need to use VBA. Here is a UDF using VBA which might help...

    This does of course assume that you have the actual formula in a cell somewhere. I'm not sure if this would be in column D or not, your post is a little cryptic. But if you have the formula =A1+B1 in cell D1, then you can use this UDF in C1 and enter the formula =FTEXT(D1). Instructions to use the code are in the link as well.

    Zack Barresse

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