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Thread: SpinButton detection

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    SpinButton detection

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    I'm new here, hope this post is not a repeat of earlier questions, if so I apologise.

    Is it possible to 1. add code before the SpinButton event is triggered, and 2. detect whether a SB, when clicked, has increased or decreased the value in the target cell?

    Other than watching it

    I'm trying to have one SB which operates on whatever cell is ActiveCell, so have code to make linkedcell =activecell.address.

    That works, well enough, but when I select a new cell and click the button, whether increase or decrease, it changes the previously linked cell because at the moment when the click is done, the address in LinkedCell is the previously stored address. I'd like to assign the new activecell address before the event.

    Hope that makes sense

    Thank you for any help that is offered.


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    Is the spin button:
    1. On a sheet or a userform?
    2. If on a sheet, what kind of SB have you used a Forms SB or an ActiveX SB?
    Sharing your existing code might help determine the above.

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