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Thread: Please chcek the formula - night shift tracker

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    Please chcek the formula - night shift tracker

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    Hi Experts

    Need your help to create a tracker to check the status of task completion. Please check below heads need to consider.

    A2 :Receive date& time

    B2: Completion date & time

    Weekdays : Mon -Fri

    Working hours: 9.30 (17.00-2.30)


    Formula should exclude weekends(Sat&SUN) and non working hours

    based on the above details need to consider to fine the completion in days, hour,mintue manner.

    When i tried in web and created a formula it's not showing result correctly

    =INT(((B2-A2)*24-17+2.5)/24+NETWORKDAYS.INTL(A2,B2,1)-INT(B2-A2))&" Days,"&HOUR(((B2-A2)*24-17+2.5)/24+NETWORKDAYS.INTL(A2,B2,1)-INT(B2-A2))&" hrs, "&MINUTE(((B2-A2)*24-17+2.5)/24+NETWORKDAYS.INTL(A2,B2,1)-INT(B2-A2))&" min and "&SECOND(((B2-A2)*24-17+2.5)/24+NETWORKDAYS.INTL(A2,B2,1)-INT(B2-A2))&"secs"

    Thanks in Advance


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    Have you tried using the Evaluate Formula procedure to pinpoint the problem? Can you provide an example of the date/time in A2 and B2, along with the expected result and the incorrect result that your formula is returning ?

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    Try the following formula in C2:


    This is considering that you have - Start Time in A2, End Time in B2, List of holidays excluding weekends are on H2:H6

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