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Thread: Assistance with an IF, OR, VLookup formula

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    Assistance with an IF, OR, VLookup formula


    I have an issue I can't seem to figure out

    Question: How do I combine multiple VLookups in 3 datasets into into one formula. I will like to be able to select an option in a given drop down list, it will compare different worksheets and populate data relevant to what has been selected:

    Individually the below formulas work and pull the relevant data from the relevant cell, but I need to be able to put them all in one cell (one formula).



    Worksheet related information

    My issue is focused in the R2R worksheet What I am trying to achieve is as below:
    When I select an option from column L10 onwards dropdown list:
    This will update the related Key control(Column M) from the necessary database
    This will also update columns E-J

    However I am able to only get this to work presently if the formula is to only one specific dataset/database not all 3

    I will like to be able to select the data from the dropdown list in Column L (row 10 onwards) which will then populate then populate the respective columns E-J and M based on the appropriate database.

    Data in the dropdown list in column L are outlined in the datasets
    StandardControlRef - Standaards database
    LocalControlRef - Local Databse
    Generic - Generic Database

    Please let me know if you need any additional information.

    Thank you
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