Booking 2015v1 - Excel Forum.xlsx

Afternoon All,

Attached is an excel sheet that I am trying to put together, this sheet will hold bookings for deliveries coming in.

The process is haulier will call and request a booking slot, what I am after is to say all slots OPEN and when details get updated and by keeping number of pallets coming in and our turnover time per pallet. I want to block next slots so they are not available to book.

Plus I need to put a cap on maximum number of pallets per day 50.

If we book 10 pallets for a delivery and we can only process 5 pallets an hour; I want system to change OPEN to BLOCKED for next 2 hours and remaining should say OPEN.

I have not added a column yet which will say OPEN or CLOSED.
I hope I have explained in the right manner and in the right section.