I am working for a company that runs a volunteer based program with approximately 1000 active volunteers. We provide all the volunteers with questionnaires when they first register to the program, which they then fill out. So far, these questionnaires have been very under-utilized statistically, and mainly just glanced over for any glaring questions or issues. One of my tasks is to take the information in these surveys and turn it into something usable. However, new questionnaires come in basically every day and I would like a system that will auto-update as time goes, so that we can keep an up to date record of the results (without someone having to put in a ton of time)

What I have right now is the survey answers on the first sheet (~300 responses) and on the second sheet I have coded the responses as either yes or no based on whether the volunteer said they would be interested in a specific activity. I understand that this is getting complicated, and if anyone has suggestions on how I can organize this in an easier way that would also be great, I’m not super experienced with this kind of excel work. I’ve included an example of what I have down below, mine obviously has a bunch more rows and a couple more type columns…

Response Question1 Question2 Question3 Total All Yes Q2, Q3=Yes
1 Yes Yes Yes 1 1
2 No Yes Yes 1
3 No No Yes
Total: 1 2
Percentage: (1/3)*100=33% (2/3)*100= 66%

So my questions/issues are:

1. Is there a way for me to have the total/percentage rows move down with the addition of more rows on the first sheet, as new volunteers responses are entered?

a. I believe this would get more complicated as I would require that the formatting of the total columns would also be added into the new rows.
2. Is there a way to have the total number of responses (what is used to determine the percentage) changed with the addition of this new row?