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    TAT Tracker Help

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    Need your help to create a tracker to check the status of task completion. Please check below heads need to consider.

    A1 :Receive date& time

    B1: Completion date & time

    Weekdays : Mon -Fri

    Working hours: 9


    Calculate request completion time .Please consider Only Working days and hours Only need to consider for turn around time .

    Please provide formula which will help me a lot.


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    Hi Srinath,

    When you say Working Hours: 9, what is the Start and End Time for the work hours? Is it from Morning 9:00 to evening 6:00?

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    Try the following formula in C2:


    This is considering that you have - Start Time in A2, End Time in B2, List of holidays excluding weekends are on H2:H6

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    Do let me know if you have any issues in updating the formula.

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    Thanks a lot for your reply...
    My question:
    A1: Receive date & time
    B2: Completion date & time
    working hours 9hours 30 minutes. it's night shift... means....10/16/2015 evening 5.00 p.m starts and ends at 10/17/2015 morning 2.30 am.
    1day means it should calculate this time (9 hour.30 mint).weekends & holidays need to exclude.
    Please reply if you need any other information.

    Thanks in Advance

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