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Thread: Match Cell Substrings to Column and Return Adjacent Cell

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    Match Cell Substrings to Column and Return Adjacent Cell

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    I am trying to check if each cell in a column (Column D) contains a keyword, found in Column F. There is an associated name (Column B) next to each entry in Column D. I want to search for each keyword in Column D and return the Column B name if the keyword is contained in D.

    From Google searching, I have this formula so far: =IFERROR(LOOKUP(1E+100,SEARCH(F1,D39),B3:B9),""). However, it will only return the name associated with the last match in D. I would like to output a list of names if multiple cells in D have a match to that specific keyword.

    I am not worried about looping through Column F for each keyword -- I want to paste the formula next to each keyword in F so that it is obvious which names are associated with which keywords.

    Any help would be appreciated

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    ashb444, this is a cross post (you have posted the same query elsewhere) without including links to where you have done so.
    Please have a careful read of to understand why this important, then make the necessary additions of links to all sites/threads.
    Ultimately, ashb444, it will be to your benefit.

    To others, I would prefer if people considering responding to this thread would delay doing so until ashb444 has complied.

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