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Thread: vba macro code to print entries from a data validation list from a desired choice ex.

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    vba macro code to print entries from a data validation list from a desired choice ex.

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    hi guys,
    I have a workbook of students result in which "MANUAL PRINT RESULT" worksheet have a data validation list in cell Z2.
    And I have made a macro to print entire list of data validation list in cell Z2 which is named as "printpdfdvlisteach".
    My problem is that I could not make a macro to print desired choice as 5 to 8, or 7 to 36 etc. when typed the choice in cells AC3 and AD3 where AC3 asks for the starting range and AD3 for ending range of the data validation list of cell Z2.
    pls provide the macro for this problem as I don't know enough about excel vba programming.
    this helps for students of the govt. school and all students will be thankful to you.
    neeraj arora
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    neerajarora8077, this is a cross post (you have posted the same query elsewhere) without including links to where you have done so.
    Please have a careful read of to understand why this important, then make the necessary additions of links to all sites/threads.
    Ultimately, neerajarora8077, it will be to your benefit.

    To others, I would prefer if people considering responding to this thread would delay doing so until neerajarora8077 has complied.

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