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Thread: Clustered Column Bar Graph - Change Groups/Pairs

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    Clustered Column Bar Graph - Change Groups/Pairs

    In the attached graph, I would like to change the groupings or pairs. Currently, 2014 is one group and 2015 another group. I would like to try it with four groups - ID, MH, SA, and NC. It would look the same, but ID 2014 and ID 2015 would be a pair with the same color. The next pair would be MH 2014 and MH 2015. Then the same with the next two. Each pair would have a different color. I know I'm missing something simple. Thanks for any assistance or helpful links.
    2014 2015
    ID 19 21
    MH 283 323
    SA 63 84
    NC 113 110
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