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Thread: Call Macro loop

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    Call Macro loop

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    I have multiple macros that starts when a value is added to a cell.
    Once started the triggered macro then puts a value in the cell so different macros will continuously run till there is no more data.
    My problem is two fold.
    Macros only work if the value put in cell to trigger macro larger than previous value.
    If a value is added into the cell is the same as prev value macro wont run.

    I think I need a loop for the first issue and I have no clue how to fix second issue.

    I am currently using worksheet change

    I put in Application to stop endless loop as it just kept going and going. Only other issue I can think of is all macros are stored in same module but I cant see that as being it.

    Any help would be appreciated.


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    lburch, this is a cross post (you have posted the same query elsewhere (at least 3 places)) without including links to where you have done so.
    Please have a careful read of to understand why this important, then make the necessary additions of links to all sites/threads.
    The rules regarding this are the same as Ozgrid's.
    Ultimately, lburch, it will be to your benefit.

    To others, I would prefer if people considering responding to this thread would delay doing so until lburch has complied.

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