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Thread: Grouping Countries Into Continents?

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    Grouping Countries Into Continents?

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    Hi - I have an excel list of about 1800 individuals who are from countries all over the world, and need to group them into specific categories. Is this possible using Excel? For example, I would like for the list to show all of the people from Belgium, Germany, Switzerland, etc. as 'Europe' and all of the people from China, Japan, Nepal, etc. as 'Asia' and all from countries like Afghanistan, Ethiopia, Liberia, etc. as 'Other.' Is this possible? If so, what are the functions that I need to use and how do I set it up? I think I uploaded a test file to this post but am not sure I did it correctly (file only has first names).

    Any help is much appreciated!

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    On another sheet build yourself a lookup table where column A is the unique Countries of Citizenship, and column B is the region. Then in cell C2 of your "201572432810" sheet, use this formula:

    =VLOOKUP(B2,'Lookup sheet name'!$A:$B,2,0)
    Copy/Autofill down.


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    Thank-you CheshireCat - you are making me look like a genius to my team!


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