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Thread: Dynamic DAX measure for value field settings

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    Dynamic DAX measure for value field settings

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    Good day people. I need a dax measure which will keep the 100% base of the answers in the value field in my pivot tables to whatever is most left in my pivot table. For example.
    Value field
    x1 50%
    x2 50%
    x Total 100%
    But If I change the pivot table to show me another base item it must change to this automatically
    y1 30%
    y2 70%
    y Total 100%
    Thank you
    Excel Guru MAster Perc Upload.xlsx

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    Excel 2013 Pro Plus
    With ALL()
    Rob Collie's rules:
    Never use implicit Calculated Fields (aka Measures) like Sum of ...
    Never use Calculated Columns when Calculated Fields will do.
    Read his books.

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