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Thread: Using And, if, or, ISNA statements

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    Using And, if, or, ISNA statements

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    I've made a formula to see if an account was added, stayed the same or has been deleted. In this case I started with a tab of only October 2014 Account, made another one for just September 2014 and another one for November 2014. Currently, I am only able to make a formula to tell me "Which accounts in this October 2015 tabs were from September and which were added since September". I want to incorporate in the below formula, which accounts from October 2015 are not in November 2014 as "Accounts Deleted" (I've already made a formula for the October accounts that are not in Nov). COuld someone please help me!?

    =IF(ISNA(VLOOKUP(G2,SEP2005 $G$2:$G$132648,1,FALSE)),"Account Added Since Sept","Sept Accounts")

    I've added a file for your view. In the October 2015 tab columns "AO" mentions the "Account Added Since Sept" or "Sept Accounts". I wanted to incorporate Accounts in November not in October as "Deleted Accounts". The accounts info is on Column "G" in the November 2005 tab.


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    I'm a little confused by this. Surely accounts that are in Oct 2015 but not Nov 2014 are new accounts, and not deleted ones?
    Also, a formula can only return one result, so if you want to answer several questions, you would need a separate formula for each.
    Im sure there is a good reason, but why can't you store the period in which the account is added and deleted ?
    If I'm looking at Oct 2005, how do I identify an account that was deleted during that period? If it simply isn't there, then you can't
    establish the deletion without cross-checking all the records for Sep 2005.

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