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Thread: Help needed - Auto updating test schedule

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    Help needed - Auto updating test schedule

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    Hi Everyone,

    I'm new here but would really appreciate some advice on a problem I have.

    I would like to build a dynamic auto-updating test load forecast in Excel which shows how many tests scenarios a tester can run per code drop
    The complication comes when a specific test scenario has apps delivered in different drops i.e. App1 comes in Drop 1 but the scenario needs App1 & App2, and App2 doesn't come until Drop 3. In this instance it would mean that the test scenario could not be run until Drop 3.

    I have posted a screenshot at the following URL which shows how I imagine it working.

    Table 1 has the (A) Test id, (B) Assigned Tester, (C) the apps needed for each test and (D) the drop each app is delivered in. Column D uses a VLOOKUP to get the drop number for each app from Table 2.

    Table 2 lists each unique app and which drop it is expected in.

    Table 3 is the test schedule and shows how many tests each tester needs to run per drop. Tester Steve has Test 1 where both apps are delivered in Drop 1, but his Test 2 can't be run until Drop 2, when App2 is delivered. Tony has the same problem, having to wait until Drop 3 for all his tests, despite having a app delivered in Drop 1.

    The problem is, I need a formula for Table 3 which will be able to look at each tester and count up the number of tests that can be run per drop, taking into account the fact that the highest drop number for an app, in each test, determines when that test can be run.

    If an App moves drops I would then just need to update Table 2 and the whole schedule should change.

    I hope you can see the image or my description is probably going to make no sense!

    Many thanks
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