Hi Guys, Ive been struggling with this for a while now. Hope you guys are more clever than I am. I have a table loaded into power pivot containing Quality defects for a grower and an variety and an grade. as follows. What I need to do is create a dashboard in a pivot table that would allow the client to view that Defects % on whatever level he/she would like to. according to the growers(grower x out of 100%)(grower y out of 100%) etc. And also for variety. Sometimes variety and grower and defects code will be in the same pivot table, so that the user could be able to delve into the data without the Master % value skewing. So for instance If I populate the pivot table according to grower as first level and then variety on 2nd level and then defects code on 3rd level. The 100% base should be on whatever he puts into his 1st level of the pivot table, But if he then filters for "Brusing" the sum of the brusing percentages on that level shouldn't change. so that He could view the percentages of the different defects codes according to whatever he wants to see as the 100% base. Hope I made sense,Excel Guru MAster Perc Upload.xlsx Example here
Grower Variety Defects_qty Defects_code Defects_grade
E0052 GDL 1 Bruising LOC1
E0012 FRL 2 Injury EU1