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Thread: Hours worked/payroll formula help

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    Hours worked/payroll formula help

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    I've searched various forums/threads and tried googling what I need to do, and can't find exactly what I'm looking for.
    I have an elaborate excel spreadsheet to calculate hours/deductions etc. Here's where I'm currently stumped.

    For a typical 2-week pay period, working full time, is a total of 80 hours worked. There is also different pay groups such as nighttime differential, sunday premium pay, etc. So, in a typical 2-week pay period, I'd have 80.00 hours regular pay, and say 17:30 of nighttime differential pay. (17 hours & 30 minutes)

    Here's how I enter those into the hours column:
    80 hours worked = 80.00
    17 hours, 30 minutes = 17.30

    Now, what I want to accomplish, is converting that 17.30 (entered like that, not 17:30) into a "true" decimal form for time, which would be 17.50. I've tried changing the field to time, but that doesn't seem to work. Any thoughts?

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    Not sure if this is what you're looking for but 17:30*24=17.5

    You can't use 17.3 is roughly 17Hr's and Twenty Minutes

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    If you can use an additional cell/column(s), you can write a formula to convert your 17.30 to 17 hours and 30 min or 17.5 hours. Your formula would look at the integer (17) and recognize it as "hours" and then look at the decimal portion and have it recognize it as minutes (*100) then divide by 60 to get a fraction of an hour.

    Hope this helps!

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