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Thread: How to call Functions

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    How to call Functions

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    I have pasted two codes from following articles of this forum but i am facing problem in executing these functions;

    Function to Check if File or Directory (Folder) exists

    Function To Get File Name From Specific Directory

    Private Declare Function SetCurrentDirectoryA _
            Lib "kernel32" (ByVal lpPathName As String) As Long
    Public Function GetOpenFilenameFrom(Optional sDirDefault As String) As Variant
    'Author       : Ken Puls (
    'Macro Purpose: To ask for a file at a specified directory
        Dim sDirCurrent As String
        Dim lError As Long
        'Make note of the current directory
        sDirCurrent = CurDir
        If sDirDefault = vbNullString Then
            'If optional arguement not supplied then
            'assign current directory as default
            sDirDefault = CurDir
            'If option arguement is supplied, test path to ensure
            'that it exists.  If not, assign current directory
            If Len(Dir(sDirDefault, vbDirectory)) = 0 Then
                sDirDefault = sDirCurrent
            End If
        End If
        'Change the drive and directory
        '*Drive change is unecessary if same, but takes as long to test
        ' as just changing it
        If Not Left(sDirDefault, 2) = "\\" Then
            'Not a network drive, so use ChDir
            ChDrive Left(sDirDefault, 1)
            ChDir (sDirDefault)
            'Network drive, so use API
            lError = SetCurrentDirectoryA(sDirDefault)
            If lError = 0 Then _
                MsgBox "Sorry, I encountered an error accessing the network file path"
            ChDir (sDirDefault)
        End If
        'Get the file's name & path, setting the filters to only display
        'desired types.  Help on the exact syntax can be found by looking
        'up the GetOpenFilename method in the VBA help files
        GetOpenFilenameFrom = Application.GetOpenFilename _
                ("Excel Files (*.xl*), *.xl*,All Files (*.*),*.*")
        'Change the drive and directory back
        If Not Left(sDirCurrent, 2) = "\\" Then
            'Not a network drive, so use ChDrive
            ChDrive Left(sDirCurrent, 1)
            ChDir (sDirCurrent)
            'Network drive, so use API
            lError = SetCurrentDirectoryA(sDirCurrent)
            If lError = 0 Then _
                MsgBox "Sorry, I encountered an error resetting the network file path"
            ChDir (sDirCurrent)
        End If
    End Function
    Public Function FileFolderExists(strFullPath As String) As Boolean
    'Author       : Ken Puls (
    'Macro Purpose: Check if a file or folder exists
        On Error GoTo EarlyExit
        If Not Dir(strFullPath, vbDirectory) = vbNullString Then FileFolderExists = True
        On Error GoTo 0
    End Function
    First i am facing problem how to call these function because
    one can put following code against an object like following

    Private Sub GetMeAFile_Click() 
    end sub

    in the article it is suggested like following

    Private Sub GetMeAFile()'.....................................not possible
    end sub
    how can i solve this issue.

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    Hi there,

    So what are you trying to do exactly. The sub line you gave above is the click event for an ActiveX control, such as a button. The example from the article is actually calling the routines from within other code.

    Are you trying to have a button on the sheet that opens the file when you click it, or something else?
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