Hi all,

I am working with one workbook, and 2 sheets. The first sheet has pricing information (Sheet 1), and the second sheet (Sheet 2) has cells (data) that should tell the macro what to do for the pricing information sheet (Sheet 1).

For instance, Sheet 2 has :

Macro Information
Start Column P
# Rows: 5
End Row: 41

Where: "start column" is the column that the macro should first insert a column (for the purposes of extending an existing table on Sheet 1).
# Rows:
The amount of rows that the previous column's formatting should be extended for (AKA the #rows of the table)
End Row: Maybe redundant, but the actual row of the table's end point.

The table size on Sheet 1 always varies, and I want the macro to refer to this information on Sheet 2 when it goes about extending the table on Sheet 1.
How do I do this?

In sum, I just want the macro to know to extend a pre-existing table for one more column.

Thanks in advance!