Dear All,

I have a problem with excel after replacing the computer. Both old and new PC are running window 7 corporate and excel 2010.

The old one is running every workbook of excel in one instance, I could call macro from other worksheets or move sheets between workbooks freely. However, the problem occurred after i replaced the PC this week.
The new one is running every workbook separately in different instances which makes me have a hard time calling macros or move sheets between workbooks(happened for both old files and new files). I have tried to find the solution for this and my "Ignore Other applications" is unchecked.

On the other hand, my co-worker who replaced at almost the same time as me can run excel in the same instance when opening saved files and run excel in separate instance when launching new workbook.

How can I set my excel to work the same way as hers? Please note that the PC is the company's so there is a limit of configuring i can do.

Thanks in advance for every answer.