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Thread: Allow editing but no deletion of formula in column

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    Allow editing but no deletion of formula in column

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    I have a column E that i am calculating based on another column values so it has some default values and formula in it initially but i am want to make this column editable by making user enter their own values but i dont want to delete the formula.

    Asking this-
    Leave the formula in your cell
    if the user selects the cell the formula disappears
    the user types a value or not, up to them
    the user selects another cell
    if the cell is empty the formula re-appears

    I have range E15:E74 having formula that i want to allow editing as well if selected otherwise leave it default formula.
    E15 :E29 has one formula and E30:E74 have same formula.
    Please help .

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    sandy, please read and act on this , at all other sites you have cross posted in:
    Then I will try and answer your question.
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