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    Red face COUNTIF Formula

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    I am having a problem with this formula for a simple task. I wish to display a formula that can be used to determine prize money for golf tournaments.I.E
    6 gold medal wins =500 5 gold medal wins and 1 silver =400 and 5 gold medals =300 4 gold medals and 1 silver =200. but i cannot get it to differeniate between 6 golds and 5 gold and 1 silver the same with 5 and 4+1 the formula I have is =COUNTIF(V3,"6")*500 and =COUNTIF(V3,"5"+1)*400 etc etc. So is it possible someone can tell me where I am going wrong.

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    Assume Gold medal is in cell A2, Silver Medal cell is B2, Prize Money cell is C2. Try below formula.

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    Hi Sambit
    Many thanks for that just the ticket May you have a great day and a brilliant life
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