Good Evening all,

I would just like to ask for help on a project of mine. I have recently begun working at a restaurant in a managerial capacity where labor costs are being heavily monitored and cut.

I wanted to create a excel roster which will calculate the number of hours spent on labor on a daily basis which I have so far started by creating 2 consecutive cells with starting and closing time and formatting it with a minus tool so that the difference between the 2 squares appear in a separate cell (which I call total daily hour TDH).

However this is where I am challenged. By law an employee must take a half an hour break if the shift is longer that 5 hours, so I want to subtract 0.5 hours from the TDH when an employee's shift is detected to exceed 5 hours. I want the TDH to do this for up to 8 employees on a daily basis. If possible I want to keep the hours format of the roster so that employees will have an easier time reading their start and finish times.

Please help!