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Thread: Join info from 2 Pivot Tables

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    Join info from 2 Pivot Tables

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    I have two separate tables, each of them generating pivot tables to summarize data.
    The first table concerns to sales, and is quite about this structure: Store; Month; year; Country; Amount of Sales; and the second table is about the number of people entered the stores, with structure as Stores; Month; year; Country; Traffic People.

    I have this info in separate sheets since it comes from different sources.

    Until now i had to analyse it separately, meaning, amount of sales for the year, total of people entering the store .My question is that i need now to evaluate crossing data, meaning, a ratio between people and sales, and to evaluate trends during time frame analysed.

    Without merging the tables, is there any options of picking information from the two supporting pivot tables from each sheet, cross information and obtain these ratios to the minimal disclosure, ie, by line of each table?
    What do you recommend me?

    PS: I'm using Excel 2010.

    Many thanks in advance.

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    Excel 2010 with free PowerPivot Add-In.
    Share file.

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