We have a chart to fill out daily about our hourly production which includes our hourly pitch, our actual pitch for the hour, a list of all the stations so we know exactly how many parts were lost there due to production downtime, scrap, and three other columns that would be the reason as to why we didn't make the hour (start up, cycle time, other), overproduction if we did over produce, and a column for comments as to noting when and why we were down or if something happened at that particular hour. Based on these columm headings, how do I connect this chart to auto populate in another sheet to automatically make a list based on my chart? I need to make lists of each seperate station and their down times and when, a list of scrap that we get and which kind of scrap, etc. This also has to be accessible to whomever and it will be updated daily so I also need new information entered to show up in the appropriate list according to conditions.