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Thread: Consolidation (Sum up all values from multiple worksheets to one worksheet)

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    Question Consolidation (Sum up all values from multiple worksheets to one worksheet)

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    Hi, I am very new in VBA coding. Recently was assigned a task by my boss to do up a coding for easy consolidation for their profit and loss budget. the problem is that they have around 80+ outlets to do consolidation for. Each outlet's profit and loss is in different workbook itself. He wanted a workbook where it will transfer all the data into one workbook, with a summary worksheet. He also want to be able to select the outlets he wish to consolidate through a home worksheet where he just need to check the checkboxes for the outlets, and the master sheet would then automatically reflect the sum up figures for the selected outlets. He used to do this manually by copy and pasting and manually linking the cells across.

    He would now want it to be more automated, and preferably through the use of macro to do it. I managed to find the code to transfer the respective worksheets for the 80 workbooks into one workbook under different tabs. However, since not all files are received at our side yet, I hope that someone out there could help me out in the coding for the consolidation part (master worksheet) where it would reflect the selected outlet's (selection is done in home tab) summed up figures (all worksheets have the same format). Is there a way to link the checkboxes to the respective worksheets? Perhaps through matching the code to the sheet name and then to the summary sheet?

    Would really appreciate all the help given. Thank you!
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