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Thread: Explanation needed

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    Explanation needed

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    Can anybody please explain to me, what does the following part of code do?

    Dim shNames() As String
    Dim DynamicArray() As Variant
    Dim i As Long, j As Long, k As Long
    Dim x As Long, y As Long
    k = Worksheets.Count
    j = k
    ReDim DynamicArray(2, j)
    For x = 1 To k
    rem DynamicArray(z, x) = Worksheets(x).Name
    Next x
    For i = z To k
    ReDim Preserve shNames(i)
    shNames(i) = DynamicArray(z, i)
    Next i

    It is a part of a macro that loops through every PivotItem in the PageField (Filter) of the Pivot Table, returns data and copy the data on new sheet for each PivotItem.
    If I don't run the code above, there is no problem - the pivot table is filtered and I get a new sheet for each PivotItem in the PageField. But when I run the code, I get a "Run-time error 9: Subscription out of Range".
    The reason for this error is the line

    shNames(i) = DynamicArray(z, i)
    So I'd just like to know, what is the purpose of this code and how can I fix it, because I do not have much experience using the codes in Excel.

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    I'd like to remov this thread as I post it elsewhere.


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