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    Sudoku assist

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    The attached file contains a program i have written to assist in solving Sudoku problems. It is not a Solver. It merely does the donkey-work of deleting candidate numbers that have been proved to be false. There are three sheets. The purpose of the second and third sheets need not concern us here. The numbers on the three sheets are reciprocally linked. If a number is manually deleted on any sheet, the corresponding number is deleted on all the other sheets. So far, so good. But the numbers on Sheet 1 can also be deleted by a formula. If a number is entered in the left hand section of Sheet 1, certain numbers are deleted in the right-hand section by formula. When this happens, the numbers on the other two sheets are not deleted until the next action takes place, whatever that might be. This is my problem. The formula would appear to be correct, as it works when the number is manually deleted, but it may have something to do with the order in which the conditions are presented. Can anyone help ?
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