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Thread: Update price list - please help!

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    Unhappy Update price list - please help!

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    I've been suffering in silence for a week, trying to figure this out by myself, but the more I try and research this, the more I'm getting confused. Please help!

    This is what I have:

    Sheet 1 (Master Price List with 11000 part numbers)
    Column A: Part number
    Column B: Price (New Prices)

    Sheet 2 (Stock list of 900 part numbers with OLD prices)
    Column A: Part number (in some cases containing 2 or more part numbers - OLD and NEW)
    Column B: Price (Old Prices)

    I need to pull the new prices from Sheet 1, Column B and insert into Sheet 2, Column B

    I have used the following formular to fulfill this task:
    =VLOOKUP(A2,Sheet1!A2:B10825,2,) which has been partly successful.

    The problem is that many part numbers in Sheet 2, Column A, contain 2 part numbers in a cell an OLD number and a NEW number (which is in Sheet 1, Column A).

    I can't work out how to set up the formula so that it checks partial data from Sheet 2, Column A to match the relevant part number in Sheet 1, Column A.

    For example in Sheet 2, Column A, I have 2 part numbers in one cell: "1111111 = 2222222" but of course excel can't extract 2222222 from one cell to match the relevant cell with 2222222 in Sheet 1, Column A.

    I apologise if this is long winded, I just want to make sure you understand my problem from the outset!

    Thanks in advance.

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    Did you try a wildcard?



    This will search sheet2, column A for the first cell containing substring that is in A2.

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