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Thread: Looping and outputting data.

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    Exclamation Looping and outputting data.

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    Hi guys,

    I am pretty new to programming. In fact, I've never done it before this, but I need to write a program as part of something I'm doing at work. I've watched a few videos on the concepts, but it's not something I'm grasping easily so I thought I'd reach out for help on a forum.

    Essentially, I need to read information from a (growing) excel document and output the desired information on another sheet. What I mean by that is the following:

    For illustration purposes, let's say I have the following information, and each day I add a new person, car model, and year:

    Name Car Model Year

    Bob Honda 2010
    Joe Honda 2009
    Gab Toyota 2010

    I'd like to read all of the data, and output on another tab sheet, the following information:

    Number of Hondas 2
    Number of Toyotas 1

    Perhaps looping wouldn't be the best option, but I thought if I looped through the information and stored it in some variable, then outputted that variable onto another sheet it would work. Could be a dumb idea; if anyone has any other suggestion as to how to do this on excel, feel free.

    The reason I don't just manually do this is because the file gets quite large, with a significant amount of information to sift through.

    Thanks guys, and I appreciate any help.

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    Welcome to the forum...

    Could I inquire why you not simply use Pivot Tables to do this? Pivot Tables is designed into Excel to summarize large volumes of list orientated data and the output of the Pivot will give you exactly the summary you need.

    See this image...
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