My company uses Verizon Network Fleet to track drivers estimated time of arrival to certain destinations. My question is there anyway to use excel to update time to destination in realtime?

I am fairly new to excel, and i know there is alot i need to learn, but even if i get pointed in the general direction i can start trying to figure it out.

Currently with Verizon Networkfleet gps i have set it up to the point where i do get email and text messages when a driver is entering certain points "geo location". So my logic is if im able to get these updates via txt why cant excel receive a similar update and convert that to an estimated time of arrival or something similar to that. I have spoken to the staff at verizon but they currently have no idea/no one who is even attempting to do this.

Currently i am using a spreadsheet, which i have to improve on also, and i am entering the time manually. Any ideas would be appreciated. Thanks.