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Thread: Please Help! Stuck on Formulas for keep station plan up to date

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    Question Please Help! Stuck on Formulas for keep station plan up to date

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    Hi everyone.

    I'm a newly registered member. Hope someone 'out there' can help me with this task I'm completely overstrained...
    I have 25 Daily tasks in a column, every task comes with 7 values under it, there is a dropdown list on the top of every task (dropdown list Station 1 to 25) .
    After choosing the Station for example A6 I would need the following 7 cells include the Station number copied to another place in the same sheet.
    I would need this action to create an Floorplan to keep visual on track with the daily progress and positionsSample.xlsxSample.xlsx.

    I have tried several formulas, but I cannot make this work.

    I would be really grateful for anyones help on this, as I have spent hours and hours on this, and I am just banging my head on the wall!

    Many thanks,

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    I supposed that the stations references are unique. In your example file, there are many "A1".

    Hope this solution will help you.

    Good luck
    Sample CARMEN1985.xlsx

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    Hi Hossat,

    I can't thank you enough - you are a genius.
    Because of your sample I could use the formula for all Stations at the entire column.
    I'm more than happy so if you have no answer for the next questions I
    won't ask again.

    The Sample you have created for me was for the 4-Jun,
    that means all tasks are shown for today.
    I would like to ask if I open the file lets say on the 8-Jun,
    would it be possible to update the list automatically to that date.
    for example column A1 is 4-Jun, Column A2 is the 5-Jun Column A3 is the 6-Jun
    and this until the end of the year.....

    So actually I would need 2 things:

    1; Add the formula to all columns of the entire year
    2; use only the values of the date of today

    I know I ask for a lot, but anyway thank you so much for your help


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