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Thread: help copying values from one sheet to another

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    help copying values from one sheet to another

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    I have a file where sheet 3 has weekly targets. and sheet 4 has targets+actuals day wise.

    All i want to do is copy targets day wise in to sheet 4

    the user presses the button on sheet4 and gives a input of a queue name, it finds the q name first in sheet 3 and then should update the dates and rph and quality targets day wise in sheet 4.(example 0.33 rph for week 1, in sheet 4 it should update 0.33 for the 5 working days, and 0.44 for the next 5 working days for a particular queue

    please note Few lines of where msg box is written is only to check the progress of the code this might be irrevalant when you are going through the code so please ignore them.

    Any other info please let me know
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    You could replace what you have between Next I and End Select with this
    Dim wk As Integer   'all declerations should be at the beginning of subs
    Dim j As Integer
    wk = 1
    For j = 1 To tb6
        If j Mod 7 <> 0 And j Mod 7 <> 6 Then
        'it's not Sat or Sun
            Range("B" & j).Value = TP2.Offset(0, 2 * wk).Value
            Range("C" & j).Value = TP2.Offset(0, (2 * wk) + 1).Value
            If j Mod 7 = 0 Then wk = wk + 1
        End If
    Next j
    or have a look at your module 1 in the attached file.

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    Thankyou very much Nos . You have been a great help

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