I'm having problem putting a sentence in the same line. Can I please have some help, below is the code I'm using

EX: the Sentence is (Can you see?). The word (Can) is in verdana and blue, the word (you) is verdana and red and the word (See) is verdana, blue and Bold. When I run the code I see it as shown below, I want to see it in the same line. Please help

"<BODY style = fon-size=16pt;Color:Blue;font-family:Bookman Old Style>can</BODY> " & " <BODY style = fon-size=16pt;Color:Red;font-family:Bookman Old Style>you</BODY>" & "<BODY style = fon-size=16pt;font-weight:bold;Color:Blue;font-family:Bookman Old Style>see</BODY>" & "<br>"

Thank you