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Thread: Looking for exact match and return value

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    Looking for exact match and return value

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    I have 3 files excel files, File 1 and File 2 fixed contains fixed data in column A with different values in column H

    My third file (dashboard) contains the fixed data found in column A of 2 files, and column B, C, D should return the value located column H.

    Note that the data in column A can be moved to different cells so it should search for the exact match regardless of cell.
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    any luck?

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    What you've attached and what you describe do not match.
    Column H is the same in both file 1 and 2.

    What's with the Dashboard.xlsx using columns B, C and D? Are the two H's supposed to be added together or something?
    You have nothing that would indicate the desired results.

    Do you think maybe the lack of responses may have something to do with the presentation of the problem ?

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