Hi Guys,

Our team is using One Drive for file sharing. What we wanted to do is to be able to Auto Extract data from 1 excel file on OneDrive to another excel file to be saved on another OneDrive account/computer.

For e.g., Person A (The manager) would have onedrive acess to the main file, but all other people (the sales people), would only have access to their own onedrive account and can only see the data next to the column where their name is mentioned.

So if the data looks like this:

Project Sales Person
Project 1 Anna
Project 2 Ben
Project 3 Anna
Project 4 Anna

Ben should only see Project 2 and any info related to that project on the same row but should not be able to see Anna's data.

What would be the best method to achieve this?
Any Help on this would be greatly appreciated.