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Thread: How to add a % column to pivot table????

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    How to add a % column to pivot table????

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    Hello - See attached. I am trying to add a column to both the pivot tables on the far left and right side of this sheet.

    Now I am hearing that if this is a shared spreadsheet.. that it is not possible to do this.. ( which it is, and i'm not 100% sure if that is accurate)

    I am trying to show the % of appts sold vs. appts set.

    If you notice on the far right I did this but this shows the total not broken down by Rep name like the pivot table on the right.

    Can someone please help?! Book3.xlsx

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    See if this works for u..pls go thru the attachment
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    No, you cannot create or modify Pivot Tables in a shared workbook, as well as other restrictions.
    Features that are unavailable in shared workbooks

    You could create Pivot Tables in another workbook (no shared) based upon the data from your shred workbook.

    The reason you cannot see the same breakdown in your third Pivot Table, is that you have not allocated Regional Manager as a Row item below IS Manager.
    Once you do this then you will see all of the data.
    Personally, I would change the formula in the last column, as I have shown in the attached upload
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