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Thread: Multiple IFs in Private Sub Worksheet_Calculate() macro

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    Question Multiple IFs in Private Sub Worksheet_Calculate() macro

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    I am currently struggling with a Private Sub Worksheet_Calculate() macro.

    I have 3 areas of my worksheet that I wish to hide / unhide under different conditions.

    Unfortunately I am struggling to get 3 'IF' statements into the one sub - the first and third IF statements hide their targets, but the 2nd one does nothing when F94 = No

    Here's what I have:

    Private Sub Worksheet_Calculate()

    If Range("B70").Value = "No" Then

    Range("71:71", "73:73").EntireRow.Hidden = True


    Range("71:71", "73:73").EntireRow.Hidden = False

    End If

    If Range("F94").Value = "No" Then

    Range("86:86", "92:92").EntireRow.Hidden = True


    Range("86:86", "92:92").EntireRow.Hidden = False

    End If

    If Range("E94").Value = "No" Then

    Range("68:68", "75:75").EntireRow.Hidden = True
    Range("84:84", "86:86").EntireRow.Hidden = True


    Range("68:68", "75:75").EntireRow.Hidden = False
    Range("84:84", "86:86").EntireRow.Hidden = False

    End If

    End Sub

    I have also tried nesting the IF commands - but unfortunately only one of the conditions seem to work.

    If anybody could shed some light on this I'd be really grateful as I've spent the past 2 days banging my head against a brick wall!

    I am using calculate event as the values are set by formulas and not by me typing into them.

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    CXross-posted at Excel Forum where there is a very active response going on

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