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Thread: Profit and Loss

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    Profit and Loss

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    Dear Friends..

    I am pretty bad at excel and I looking forward for some help.

    Basically I have to create a spreadsheet with below fields and the calculation to be like below.

    Item Cost | Item Sale | Profit | Loss | Total

    Here if the item cost is greater than item sale then the difference value should appear in the loss column and if the item sale is greater than Item cost then the difference amount should appear in Profit.

    Actually when I tried it does appear with values but the value is appearing in both the cells. For example.. if item sale is 300 and item cost is 250 , 50 should appear in profit and it does appear in profit but in loss it is appearing as -50 which we don't want.. if the deal is profit then the loss column should be null and vice versa..

    Can somebody please help me on this.

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    Profit: =IF(A2<B2,B2-A2,"")
    Loss: =IF(A2>B2,A2-B2,"")

    I would just have one column, =A2-B2 and format it as #,##0.00;[Red](#,##0.00)

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