Hey everyone,
I've built an Excel add-in that helps non-coders to automate their workbooks via machine learning and for excel experts to have a larger influence on a organization (if enterprise based). It's not intended to replace the experts of Excel, as all robots need continuous training, but to more of a, as
we used to say in the military, force multiplier. It's project I've been working for the almost 2 years, driven by my own experience using Excel at work before I knew how to code (it would've been awesome if a robot was helping me out with some of the project I had).

It's compatible with Excel 2007-2013. Full feature list, demo vid, and sign-up links for the download are on the website. I'd appreciate any feedback that the community has, any comments are useful.

officeAutomata - your personal Robot for Excel:
(google officeAutomata)

Technical Description:
Dynamic automated script generation for Excel via reinforced machine learning of secure localized user
event data

Thanks for the help,