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Thread: Exceptions in two data sets

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    Exceptions in two data sets

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    Hopefully someone can help me figure out how to accomplish what I'm hoping is possible.

    Every month I need to run a report of fully completed jobs ranked by their completion percentage. Due to backend closing protocols sometimes these jobs will still show 100% completed as they haven't had final invoices processed yet.

    What I'm hoping to do is take my month by month report of 100% completed jobs, and merge last month's with current month, and drop out all entries that exist in both data sets, ie I only want the exceptions between both sets.

    I tried deleting duplicates... which in hindsight does exactly what it says, deleted the duplicates. However I want it to delete BOTH entries that are the same, not just one duplicate and leave the original entry.


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    Perhaps you can adapt the response to a somewhat similar question posted on another forum that created lists of the differences of two columns.

    If not, post a sample workbook of what you're working with and I'm sure somebody will help you out.

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