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Thread: Is it possible? Using formula result within the same formula....

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    Is it possible? Using formula result within the same formula....

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    Title says it but let me provide some details. here's my formula...
    =A2-(A2*0.0675)-(results from first set of parenthesis*0.147)

    I realize I could split this into two cells and hide the one I don't need to see but that seems sloppy...

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    I am sure I am not understanding because you subject is different to the text, but why not just


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    If I understand you then the answer is no!, you cannot have a the result of a formula used in the same formula that produced the result, if it were possible it would create a circular reference.
    Can you clarify what it is you want so either Bob or myself can try and help you further?
    Kind regards,
    Simon Lloyd

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    No problem... Ok here's what i'm trying to do...
    Cell E contains a number, Cell G contains a percentage, Cell H contains the total after deductions (E -.0675 & then that result - G),
    70 | 14.7% | 55.68

    H would in this case be 70-(70*.0675)= 65.275-(65.275*.147)= 55.679575
    The 65.275 result above is what i'm not sure on how to work into my formula..

    So in excel i would have something like this...
    Formula in Cell H2... =E2-(E2*.0675) {X}-(X-G2) where X=Result from first chunk of formula in red.

    I know i could make it work by separating it out...
    Cell F2 =E2-(E2*.0675) then take the result from F2 and get H Cell H2 =F2-(F2*G2) But in this case the cell F2 is really not needed for my viewing purposes... only needed to make the formula work. Like i said originally, i guess i could hide it. I just figured there was a way around that to make the work sheet cleaner...
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    gosh that looks so overcomplicated...

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    Not sure why this didn't get I missing something? Yes you can do that, it's not unusual - Just enter the red text where you have entered the "X" in your previous post, like: H2 = E2-(E2*.0675)-(E2-(E2*.0675))*G2

    Just place the expression in another set of Parenthesis. There is nothing circular are just using the E2 value more than would only be circular if you were using the H2 value (because you had the formula sitting in the H2 cell).

    However, I'm not sure why you don't just work through the algebra a bit and simplify it down: Like, factor the E2 out and you have: E2*(1-0.0675-(1-.0675)*G2) OR H2 = E2*(.9325-.9325*G2) ... a much cleaner cell.

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