Hey all,

i need an urgent help, i really don't know anything about coding, however i started to learn from the internet to buld a userform for my excel file as it will help me acheive my goal.
My excell file is about contiuous improvement projects and i use the DMAIC aproach (define phase, measure phase, analyze phase, improve phase, control phase).

For each project, the user should enter the date based on the phase of the project, for example if i want to start a new project, i will click on the define button and fill the reauired fields, and if i already have a project, i should enter the project's number and the continue form the phase at which i stopped.

what i have now: i did the 5 templates for the 5 phases of DMAIC and when you enter the data and press submit it will copy the data into the first empty relevant rows fields in the excel table in (CI projects 2) sheet

The problems:
  1. i can't start writing from the begining of the table (when you open the attached file you will understand)
  2. i need to be able either to write into a new empty row or
  3. to retrive data based on project number and edit it and copy it back to worksheer

don't panick guys, open the file and you will understand, plus that you will see the i have done a significant work compared to a one who doesn't know qnything about coding

i really appreciate your help

Note: everything is in the worksheet : ( CI projects (2) )CIP test.xlsm