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Thread: excel corruption

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    excel corruption

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    I have 2 files in excel that are .xlsx format. They were both corrupted somehow I don't know and both are so far unrecoverable. The things I have tried so far:
    the error is: Excel cannot open the file 'blah.xlsx' because the file format or file extension is not valid. Verify that the file has not been corrupted and that the file extension matches the format of the file.

    Changing file format to xls or xlsm .
    Using excel's open and repair method, including the extract data method
    The "Recovery Toolbox" program
    Microsoft recommended options:
    Set the calculation option to manual
    Use external references on the corrupted workbook

    I've also tried the suggested to rename the file as .zip and then open it, but it doesn't let me open it.

    Any other, different ideas as to how to repair?

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    Many ways to recover a corrupt Excel file, try one of the methods below.
    • Repair Method
    • HTML Method
    • Copy data method
    • XML method (Excel 2003)
    • Other Possibilities
    For more info see this: If these methods do not work for you then use The Microsoft Excel file repair utility restores data from a corrupted workbooks and worksheets. And software exports information to Microsoft Excel director file later. Excel Repair Toolbox can save a recovered data into new XLSX files. The heuristic search algorithm allow finding data for any damaged file. w_w_w.repairtoolbox._com/_excelrepair.html
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    I had a really important excel file saved with a lot of data on a external hard drive. Somebody unplugged thedrive from my computer without safely removing the hardware. I was able torecover everything on the hard drive but the most important file on there isnow corrupted. The excel file has ~$ in front of it. I have been trying everyprogram possible but nothing has worked. I followed all the tips listed on tonsof websites as well.
    I have tried the following:

    1. kernel for excel
    2.libre office
    3.stellar phoenix excel repair
    4. datanumen excel repair
    5. wise data recovery
    6. xls data recovery
    7. recovery for excel
    8. systools excel recovery
    9. repair my excel
    10. excel fix
    11. excel fix toolbox

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