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Thread: Merging columns

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    Merging columns

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    Hello guys,

    I really need your help regarding a task in my work, which I cannot figure out how to do. I am content administrator of the website and I have to take care for publishing around 8000 thousand prices, which I obviously need to do by bulk upload. Till now, I used to do it like this: Pricing provided me with the price list in their format, and in order to have it in the appropriate format for the site, I used a macro to take all the values and place them in my file for upload.
    But now the pricing department changed the format of their file and I need to wait at least to weeks to have the new file for me with the new macro.
    During this time I need to find a way to do it by myself.
    The problem is the following:
    Previously, every item was offered with a tariff with two prices - cash price and leasing price. The two prices were in one column, one cell under another per each item.
    Now, the cash price and leasing price are in two columns. As it seems, I need to merge the two columns but to have each cell from the second column to be placed under the respective sell from the first column (the one with which are on one row).
    Is there an easy way to do this and how?
    item 1 cash 99.99
    item 1 lease 9.99
    item 2 cash 89.99
    item 2 lease 8.99
    item 3 cash 79.99
    item 3 lease 7.99

    Item N Cash price Lease Price
    Item 1 99.99 9.99
    Item 2 89.99 8.99
    Item 3 79.99 7.99

    Basically, the task is to convert somehow the second table into the first one..

    Thank you in advance!

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    it can be done by PIVOT TABLE.
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