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    Tracking Utilization

    I have team that works on projects that run over days.

    My issue is tracking their productivity as we do not have a tool for it.

    We work on company reports or industry reports or newsletters and each takes anything between 8 to 40 hours with breaks in between.

    I have access to the following data points:

    Request Received Date and Time
    Request Assigned Date and Time
    Work Begun Date and Time
    Work Ending Date and Time

    The issue I face is that the work can be received today and assigned maybe tomorrow or day after. Work can begin on the assignment 2 days hence or 4 days hence.

    In between of this there will be breaks for lunch which are not captured on the sheet.

    I am wondering if there is a possibility that a sheet can be designed to capture idle time on a computer (like company computers that go into lock mode after some time).

    I do not know any sort of programming or VBA and hence hoping to find if there is anyone who can help me here.
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