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Thread: Macro based reporting in excel

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    Macro based reporting in excel

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    Hi I am trying to create a report for an assignment.
    Need to write macros for a couple of things. can someone please help me?

    Please see attached workbook :

    • Data Tabs 1 - 12 represent months over a rolling 12 month period.
    • Essentially this is where raw data for each month will be placed. - I have put Dummy data in.

    Requirement for Agency Report:
    Refer to the Agency Report tab :

    This report will showcase each agency with total number of brands and total number of POIís.

    • Data needs to be automatically populated as soon as its entered into the Data Tabs for each month / time period.
    • For Countries, if there are two or more countries for an agency, separate by comma. For example : if an agency has two countries US & UK, display Countries field as US, UK

    Requirement for Brand Report:

    For Brand Report,

    • From each of the data tabs, we need the total number of Brands and # of POIís for the Brand Summary report and graph. Again this will be auto populated once raw data has been input into the data tabs.

    • For the second part (refer C21 onwards), each brand will be listed along with number of POIís & country. there may be cases where a brand is represented by multiple providers , in that case mention each provider, space for up to 4 providers for the same brand.

    • If a Brand has multiple agencies in multiple countries, mention each instance for which country and which agency is representing the brand.

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