I am currently working on a pivot table with variable width, I would like to have my totals showing to the lefty of the pivot. I have created a new column outside the pivot and use the following formula : =LIREDONNEESTABCROISDYNAMIQUE("[Measures].[Sales Net Amount]",$D$9,"[Dim Banner].[Banner]","[Dim Banner].[Banner].&[2]") (I am using a french version of Excel)
When I use the slicer to select another banner , the formula won't work anymore, #REF. I understanf the basic of the GETPIVOTDATA function but when it is conencted to SSAS cube, MDX come into play and this is where I get lost. I have trieds many combination of the formula ("[Dim Banner].[Banner]","[Dim Banner].[Banner].&[2]") but no luck

Any idea on how to solve this