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Thread: Conditional highlighting based on comparison to business targets

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    Conditional highlighting based on comparison to business targets

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    I have this spreadsheet where I am measuring efficiency of our operations department based on different criteria. I am attaching the spreadsheet to make things easier.

    What I want to achieve is:
    - For 'Avg Time to Ticket Closed' metric, compare Actual numbers in row 8 to monthly target in row 7 based on the month selected in C2 and highlight it in Green color if current month's actual is less than current month target and highlight it in Red if current month's actual is greater than target
    - For the same metric - 'Avg Time to Ticket Closed', compare YTD number in D7 to the YTD target based on the average of targets up to the month selected in cell C2. So, if March is selected in C2, YTD target will be the average of January, Feb and March targets. And compare this target to D7. If D7 is less than YTD target, highlight it in Green otherwise Red.

    Can this be achieved? I am truly struggling with this and will appreciate any help I can get.

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