Hi all,

I would feel very grateful for any help.

I tried googling and I don't understand the answer I found (copied below).

I am not able to use macros or know what they are, but I am eager to learn in case this is required.

Many thanks, sia

Making a column unsortable

If you want a specific column not to be sortable, specify class="unsortable" in the attributes of its header cell.
Wiki markup

{|class="wikitable sortable" !Numbers!!Alphabet!!Dates!!Currency!!class="unsortable"|Unsortable |- |1||Z||02-02-2004||5.00||This |- |2||y||13-apr-2005||||Column |- |3||X||17.aug.2006||6.50||Is |- |4||w||01.Jan.2005||4.20||Unsortable |- |5||V||05/12/2006||7.15||See? |-class="sortbottom" !Total: 15!!!!!!Total: 29.55!! |- |}